Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake: A Review Post

I wrote this post originally back in August, 2007 after the Interstate bridge collapse in Minneapolis, MN.  It may help you process with your teens and children regarding today's events in Japan.

As you may have heard, in Minneapolis yesterday a bridge of Interstate 35W fell killing several people and injuring many others. By now, some of your kids have likely seen images or heard stories from this tragedy and are wondering why this happened. There are some general guidelines that you can follow as Christian parents in helping your kids answer their questions:
1) Don't ignore the questions or feelings they have! Talk about them; better yet, let them talk and you listen.
2) Seek out answers together as a family through prayer and reading God's Word.
3) Use them as a teaching time to instill Godly character and teach them about God Himself.
4) Look for ways to help someone personally affected by the tragedy. In this case, contact the Red Cross and see how to best help.
"Faith is more often caught, not taught."

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