Friday, October 31, 2008

We Need to be Careful!

OK, I normally do NOT post controversial things on my blog, mainly because I want parents to make these decisions for themselves; but this is one I think you need to be aware of. I ran across this story at in which a Kindergarten teacher asked/encouraged her students to sign an "Ally Card" for LGBT. You can see a picture of it by Clicking Here.

I bring this up for two main reasons:

1) How might this affect your voting next Tuesday? What would McCain think about this verses Obama?

2) How long is it before we have teachers inside the so-called "Bible Belt" doing this same thing? As a Christian, how might this affect your view of Public vs. Christian vs. Homeschool?

Food for thought!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Have you attended one of our Take-It-Home Events?

Just curious if ayone who checks out this site has attended one the Take-It-Home Events we have held at Colonial Woods.

If so, what did you think? Are you or your kids actively using the resource provided to you?

Just curious?


Serving Opportunity

Teachers and Parents: It is coming upon that time again for Operation Christmas Child to provide an opportunity for kids to learn a little bit about serving others and having gratitude for what THEY have been given. Teachers, this would be a great opportunity to put together a couple of shoeboxes as a Sunday School class. Parents, this is an awesome opportunity to have your family learn about what it means to give.

We will be actively promoting this over the next four weeks with a table in the lobby and brochures in the bulletin. The drop off dates are November 16th and 23rd.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Changes are Coming!

If you get the chance, stop up and see what is going on in our 4th & 5th Grade room (#205) upstairs at church. Some VERY cool things are happening. This just a picture that has inspired the look of what we are going for:

Stop up and I'll give you the run down.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thoughts on Halloween

I'm curious what Christian parents and families think of the holiday of Halloween and why. There is a great article from the History Channel about the origins of the day, back to the Celtic roots. To the right of this post you will find a survey of what you do on October 31st.

Here are some of my general thoughts:

  • The holiday does indeed have pagan roots in which an attempt to transform the time into at least a semi-Christian base was made by the RCC.

  • It is, in recent tradition, come to be known as a "dark holiday" and is highly celebrated by Wiccan and other pagan religions.

  • The Bible tells us there are ALWAYS demons and angels around us, regardless if it is October 31st or Februay 14 (a Day of Love).

  • While I firmly believe in protecting our children from negative and sinful influences, as a family we are still called to be light in this dark world. I think there is an opportunity to be just that on Halloween.

What are your thoughts?

Trunk or Treat

Well, it's coming again...

The annual Trunk or Treat event of Colonial Woods. Every year, if you have never attended, brings over 2000 kids through our parking lot from 6:30-8:00 PM. Also, this year we are adding something special: a Kid's Costume Contest.

Have your kids dress up in their favorite costume and come to the judging area (announced during the event) and they could possibly win a cool prize.

So come and check it out October 31st @ CWMC in Port Huron, MI.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Special Event Helpers Needed

With the special event of Don Piper coming to speak on October 22nd, I need to get a few subs to help out for just one night only. I have room in all the ages and could use you if you are willing.

Let me know and thanks,


Special Night with Don Piper

In case you were not aware, the church is having a special event on Wednesday, October 22 at 6:45 PM with author of "90 Minutes in Heaven," Don Piper. It promises to be an amazing evening.

The reason I am blogging about it is to let you know that we will be running our normal Wednesday night programming that evening. I am excited about some of the things happening on Wednesdays, especially in our elementary program, 2:52 Basics. If you are coming to hear Don speak, be sure to drop you kids off in room 205 for a night of music, drama and relationship building.


In case you were not aware...

You can now access CWMC's montly newsletter, the Beacon, online ( or by clikcing the picture.

Equip Meeting

This coming Sunday evening will be another opportunity for Children's Ministry volunteers to come together and share food, share laughs and learn a little bit about the Power within you. I have chosen the theme of the show "Heroes" on NBC. I love this show!!! It has some amazing parallels in the life of a Christian.

As always, I will provide some food and your kiddos are welcome to attend the Pioneer Club Olympic Night. See you at 6:00 PM in the Fireside rooms.


1st Grade Families Take it Home Event

This coming Sunday is our next Take-it-Home Event at CWMC for 1st Graders and thier families. We will be talking about how to Cultivate a Servant's Heart in our children and how families can impact the community and world around them.

You will also get to take an active part in doing a service project together and take home a resource to encourage family interaction around this topic of serving together.

If you can join us, you are welcome to at 10:45 in the gym of Colonial Woods Missionary Church.