Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Come One, Come All!

On November 10th there is an amazing one-day seminar coming to Troy, MI for help you further your passion and abilities in your ministry to kids and families. Children's Ministry Magazine Live will be a great time-out for you to further your investment in the lives of kids as you seek to impact them with the love of Christ.

It will be an all-day Saturday event (we will meet at the church at 7:00 AM if you wish to carpool) will be free of charge to you and include lunch. It will be located at Woodside Bible Church in Troy, MI in case you just want to meet us there. If you would like to attend, please contact Julie Weber in the church office by email or phone (810-984-5571) no later than Monday, October 22nd.

Do you want to know what your kids really think?

Or better yet - do you want to know what other parents are struggling with or thinking about? New Spring Church in Anderson, South Carolina has created a website called ParentsAreClueless.com where kids and parents alike can go and type in their secret and anonymous thoughts. This is in conjunction with a Parenting series they are starting called "The Perfect Kid." Check out the promo video here.

As I read through several of the Bubbles on either side of the page, I was struck with just how deep some hurts can go. I was also struck with how, apparently, parents and kids don't feel like they can talk to each other. Now, I do not have teenagers yet, though my time is coming, but as parents we must take the lead on talking with our parents. If you can find the time, sit down and write out some of your own secret thoughts about you fears, your kids and your spouse then take the step to share them with someone.

What do you have to loose if you do it? What do you have to loose if you don't?


Friday, October 5, 2007

Notice anything?

These pictures are from a protest in Indonesia and Pakistan on "Al-Quds Day" — Al-Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem. They are protesting the Jewish control of Jerusalem along with the Western support (namely the US) of Israel.

What do you notice in these pictures beside the guns, sign and the model of the Dome of the Rock? These are KIDS! Boys most likely 8-12 years old. Why use them in their protests? Because they are THE MOST INFLUENTIAL people on the planet! Before age 13, their ideas, values and beliefs are still being formed. If you can get this this young, you will have them for life. You can bet those guns are real!

It's been said, apparently by hundreds of people, that "the Church is only one-generation away from extinction." Muslims understand that. Hitler understood it. (Click here for more on Hitler's Youth.) I think Christians are missing it. We are also missing the point that, according to the most correct information I can find, Islam seems to be the fastest growing religion in the world - NOT Christianity. This is likely not only because of converts but due to the number of children Islamic families are having.

We need to be out there influencing children UNDER the ages of 12, and it starts with our own!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

All Kinds of Events...

In case you were not aware, there are numerous events happening this month that you should be aware of -
  • October 14th - Equip Training for ALL Children's Ministry volunteers.
  • October 20th - Clothing Giveaway for the people of Port Huron. (We need a few volunteers for the children's programming we are providing.)
  • October 27th - Make A Difference Day. Check out for information about it here.
  • October 31st - Trunk or Treat.

I blogged about the last three events at the Family Journey in Faith blog for you to check out. Also, I will be going to school once again from October 21st through November 2nd (I will only miss one Sunday, the 28th).

If you have not already done so, make room on your calender for the October 14th Equip, "Who is my Neighbor and What do I do with Them?" We will have fun, food and fellowship. What more could you want?

God Bless, Dean

On a mysterious, dark night...

We will be shining a 1 billion candelight power beacon on the city of Port Huron! But have no fear, because Trunk or Treat is here. This event is a way to bring light into what is tradtionally thought of as a dark, disturbing evening. It is a night of fun, entertainment and food. It will once again be hosted in the parking lot with over 2000 people in attendance.

There are lots of ways you can get involved with your family:

  • You can donate candy to be handed out.

  • You can decorate your trunk and hand out candy to others.

  • You can volunteer at the concessian stand selling great food.

  • You can help with parking safety.
You do NOT want to miss this event. It is likely the best one we do all year! You can check out for info at the church's website or call by emailing Pastor Dwight.
God Bless, Dean

Clothing Giveaway

Also coming up this month is another annual event, Clothing Giveaway. The Clothing Giveaway on October 20th is simply a way to bless the people of Port Huron with much needed clothes, shoes and coats to those who cannot afford it. If you have never participated, you should really consider it. You can still drop off your gently used articles of clothing until October 14th (there is a huge box in the lobby of the church).

Also this year, we have added a puppet ministry for kids to watch where they will be presented with the message of the gospel. (We do need some volunteers to play and just watch kids from 9-11 that Saturday.) No pressure, just showing the love and light of Christ to kids. Hope to see you there.

Are you ready to go MADD?

On October 27th business and churches across the nation will be taking part in Make A Difference Day, including Colonial Woods. We are looking to get volunteers from the church to go into the community performing acts of service at schools, parks, community centers, streets, etc. They will be meeting at Operation Transformation at 8:30 AM and working until lunch time. Here is a map of where they are located.

So why should your family participate? Here are just a few reasons:
  • It is an opportunity for you to intentionally pass on the Faith to your children.
  • You get to show the Love of Christ to hundreds of non-Christians around our community.
  • You fulfill God's design of helping take care of the environment and world around us.
  • You get a free lunch!
  • You could even choose your own project (and no, it cannot be to clean up your own yard).
  • The first 100 volunteers gets a new hat or visor to keep.

So why not get involved? You can sign up emailing Michele at the church or by calling the church office @ 810-984-5571.