Thursday, August 26, 2010

Curious - What do ya think?

This is quickly becoming a serious issue for families to deal with!  What does everyone think?

Who is Making the Call?

Ran across this video yesterday and thought it fit nicely with the last post on Service.  Besides thinking that serving in ministry is optional - when according to God's Word it is not - we also tend to think that serving in Children's Ministry is something we do only because "they are desperate and really need me."

Here's the thing:  as a Children's Director I am only God's mouthpiece!  I am not the one who asks or calls you to serve - that's God department.  What we do every week in Children's Ministry is JUST as important, if not MORE important, than "big people service."  Think about how many believers accept Jesus before they turn 13???  It is a staggering percentage of adult believers came to Faith before they were in 6th Grade.  These kids are impressionable, mold-able, and ready to alter their lives for the sake of the Call of God.

So, when you tell someone you can serve - or CANNOT serve - who are you answering!?  God.....or "Pastor Bob?"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is Serving Optional?

If you've followed this blog or the Anchor Children's Ministry Facebook page for very long, then you know how often I put messages out there about needed volunteer and service opportunities.  In fact, you may say to yourself, "Man, he sure is needy!"  LOL.  But, on top of trying to fill open service positions within Children's Ministry, there is a much bigger picture at stake here:  Our on-going relationship with Christ!

As Christians we are called to model our lives after Jesus - He is to be our Ultimate Example (among other things) in life!  He is the one we are supposed to pattern our lives after!  So, the question becomes "Why did Jesus come to earth in the first place?"  (You know where I'm going with this.....)

You remember the argument that James and John - and their mother - had with Jesus about who was going to sit  at the right and left hands of God???  The Sons of Zebedee wanted to know how to be great!  Jesus' answer would I'm sure have been rather shocking:  If you want to be great, you must become a slave / servant to each other!

"Huh!?!?!?  Jesus came to serve?  But, he's the Son of God - the One who created the world.  He shouldn't be serving anyone, but should be served by us!"  As followers of Christ, if we truly desire to be committed to Him, WE MUST SERVE!!!!!  There is no way around it.  In fact, the Bible is riddled with verses and themes about serving others.

Fellow Believers - Serving is NOT optional!  If you simply come to church every week, maybe give a little money, then go home - you are NOT following Christ.  You may be a Christian - but you are not a Christ Follower!  We are CALLED to serve!

Are you willing to step up to the plate?  Do you want to make a difference in the lives of your kids?  Service opportunities abound - will you answer the call?!?