Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Resources for Teachers

Howdy all you phenom Children's Ministry Volunteers and Leaders!  Here is a link for you to gather up some Free resources from Children's Ministry Magazine:

It has 10 free resources on things from connecting with parents to Leding the way God Made You.

Peace, Dean

His Kids On Demand

I'm not sure how many of you have kids that like to listen to the radio and programs like Down Gilead Lane, Paws & Tales, WeKids, etc.  But the website has all these programs and many more available "On Demand" for your kids to enjoy.  These are great family friendly and Christ-centered programs that can help you continue to make Christ the center of your home.

On the side is the Link to the Live Feed when it is on the air.

In fact, there is a radio available programmed specifically to have your kids be able to listen to these things with having to sit right at the computer.  This WiFi radio has the On Demand programs but could be put into a child's room to listen to as they go to sleep or have room time.  What a need idea.



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Equip Meeting

Just a last minute reminder again of our upcoming Equip Meeting this Sunday evening at 6 PM at Colonial Woods Missionary Church.  We will have a time of food and fellowship as well as a time of Q & A with me.  Virtually nothing is off limits, except for questions from Tim, Joann and Jeff.  :)

Come and enjoy a fun time.  I will also be giving out some gifts and resources I rently picked up from some conferences I attended.

See you there,


Generational Blessing

I ran across a website today from a group called Family Foundations International - a group founded by Craig and Jan Hill.  I came across the site while looking up information of family blessings, one of our upcoming topics for a Take-It Home event in March.

I thought I would share the site with you as it has some great resources and ideas on the importance of carrying out a blessing to your children.  They have a book on having a Bar Barakah ("son of Blessing," Bat Barakah means "daughter of Blessing") to release kids into adulthood.  It's sort of the Christian version of the Bar Mitzvah.  

There are even some neat videos on YouTube.  This one specifically shows how one family carries that out.

Some food for thought.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sharing The Journey

One of the messages of God's Word is the importance of raising up Godly disciples for Christ in the next generation.  No better place for that to happen than with our own kids.  The "Sharing Your Journey" event will be aimed at getting kids and parents to begin talking about how God has impacted them in their lives.  This is going to be like no other event we have done to date.

On February 22nd will be our next Family Journey in Faith Take-It Home event to help up start on that journey together.  This one will be for 4th & 5th Graders and thier parent(s) and will be held in the gym.  Be sure to stop by to see how you can take you and your child's spiritual development to the next level.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Children's Ministry Pics - Preschool Rooms

The themes of each room were chosen and mostly designed before I came to Colonial Woods.  They certainly get a lot of favor in the eyes fo the kids.

The train pieces have been a big hit in our 3 Year old train depot room.

Barn in our 4/5's room.

What the rest of the Barn room looks like.

Jungle room, aka Kindergarten.

Children's Ministry Pics - Preschool Hallway

These wall paint and pics were done last year by some great volunteers.

The Welcome sign to the pre-school hallway.

Long view of the hallway.

Signs desiged and made especially for our kids' rooms.

Close-up of some of the pictures and frames.

Children's Ministry Pics

We are in the process of re-doing one of our kid's ministry rooms to make it a bit more modern and useable as a large group & worship room for our ministry programs.  Check them out and enjoy.
The frogs are there right now for Elevate's Treasure Quest.

Inside of our Sound Booth of our Large Group Elementary Room.

Eventually the screen will come down once the TV's are up and running.

One of the 42" HD / LCD TVs.  Really excited about these coming online.

Front side of the sound booth.  Corrugated Steel which will also go on the bottom 1/3 of the walls.