Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This is a  promo video for the D6 Conference.  Church leaders - I encourage you to check it out!!!

The line up of speakers there is INCREDIBLE:  Dr. Kevin Leman, Mark Holmen, Tim Hawkins, Rob Rienow, The Skit Guys, and so on....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Annual Family Journey in Faith Report

This year I decided to do an Annual Report for our Family Ministry as well - Family Journey in Faith.  Catch up on what's happening with FJIF!

Purpose of FJIF
Family Journey in Faith was started a little over 3 years ago as a ministry to families to encourage, inspire and equip parents to intentionally disciple their children in the home – not just at church!

Take-It Home Events
The primary way we attempt to accomplish that goal is through monthly Take-It Home events.  These events bring together kids of a specific age/grade and their parents to practice one way to pass along faith to their children.  Usually, a resource is given to the kids to help them take the Take [the practice] Home.  You can see the complete schedule online colonialwoodsmc.com.

The Journey Newsletter
I am also excited to announce that the FJIF team also recently released the 1st issue of The Journey newsletter to encourage parents to keep up fighting the fight in passing on their faith.  This unique blend of resources, encouragement and advice from church leaders and parents is available on the CWMC website.  We are even using pictures of some of our own Colonial Woods’ kids, so check it out!

Mark Holmen Event
Another event I am excited about, coming May 1st & 2nd, is in partnership with the Missionary Church’s Michigan District’s Family And Children Team (F.A.C.T.), Mark Holmen and Focus on the Family, called Faith @ Home Church Seminar.  There will be a time of training for church leaders and pastors on Saturday AND a parenting workshop on Sunday, May 2nd, from 5-7 PM.  This will be a great opportunity for parents to gain valuable insight on how to pass their faith onto their children.  Be on the lookout for details.

Visionary Parenting Conference
Another exciting opportunity I am excited to introduce to you is a weekend Conference FJIF is sponsoring February 18th & 19th, 2011 called Visionary Parenting.  This conference will be for all parents of Colonial Woods – infants through high schoolers – who wish to take the first step, continue, or rise up a level in the discipleship of your children.  

Dr. Rob Rienow from Wheaton Bible Church in Wheaton, IL will be our featured speaker.  He will be presenting 5 Visions for how we can create a God-centered Home as we seek to make disciples of our kids.  There will also be times of connections with other parents over desert (Friday evening) and lunch (Saturday afternoon).  Check out the brochures at the information booth or contact the Children’s Ministry office for details.

Calendar of Events
April 18th          Kindergarten Take-It Home Event
May 1 & 2       Faith @ Home Church Seminar
May 16th          2nd Grade Take-It Home Event
June 6th            Elevate Family Worship Event
Sept 19th          3rd Grade Take-It Home Event
Oct 17th           1st Grade Take-It Home Event
Nov 21st           3 Year Old Take-It Home Event
Dec 5th             Elevate Family Worship Event
Feb 18 & 19    Visionary Parenting Conference

Future Vision
The possibilities for Family Journey in Faith are virtually endless as CW strives to be a church that encourages, inspires and equips parents to carry out their Biblical role of discipling their children.  Our hope is to see FJIF continue to expand into areas such as a Family Mission Trip, continued Family Worship opportunities, Parent-on-Parent mentoring, and so on.  Watch and see what God does!!!

In His Service,
Dean L. Butterfield
Director of Children’s Ministries

Annual Children's Ministry Report

Below is the text from the Annual Report for Anchor Children's Ministry.  Thought you might like the preview long before the report comes out this early Spring.  Enjoy!

What a busy, but GREAT, year this has been!  Anchor CM @ CWMC has grown by leaps and bounds as we have seen many new families attending Colonial Woods. 

Purpose of Anchor CM
It is my desire to see Anchor CM be THE PLACE for kids and families seeking to go deeper in their walk with Christ.  Children’s Ministry exists to partner with parents of children (Birth – 5th Grade) to see them become fully, committed Disciples of Christ.  It’s about Changed Lives & Hearts in the lives of our kids!  It’s not about Baby Sitting – It’s about serving our Lord & Savior, Jesus.

Saturday Venue Live            
For over a year now we have had full Children’s Ministry programming available during Saturday Venue Live.  We operate 3 different rooms that utilize volunteers to oversee, teach and help in each one.  Recently, in the 1st – 5th Grade room, we switched to using the same curriculum we use on Sundays during the 10:45 service – Elevate!  Elevate is a dynamic, engaging kid’s curriculum we use to encourage kids to take Biblical truths and live them out in their daily lives.  If you are interested in checking us out on Saturdays or Sundays, feel free to stop by!  Or, better yet, ask your Elementary kids all about us!

The other part of Elevate is the on-going desire to see kids to grow in mentoring relationships with mature adult Believers.  As a church, one way to partner with the home to help kids become ‘Anchored to Christ’ is by having a 2nd adult (besides their parent) giving them the same message of God’s Love and Truth.  In order to accomplish that we are hoping to begin adding small group shepherds who will simply hang out with kids and encourage them in their walk with Christ.  Ultimately, we would like to have 1 adult for every 7-8 kids.  If that’s something you are interested in, let us know.

Praying for Leaders
One major thrust for the next year will be in the area of leadership.  There are nearly 150 volunteers in Children’s Ministry who serve either weekly, monthly or on a 6-week rotation – far too many for a single person to manage.  What I will be seeking God and others on is to identify and train 6 ministry coordinators who will be asked to oversee a certain sect of the on-going ministries – Sunday AM and PM, Saturday PM, & Wednesday PM. 

One of those coordinators is already in place, Elementary @ the 10:45 service, but more are needed.  This will allow me to then work with these 7 individuals to manage and oversee the volunteers to ensure program needs are met and kids are effectively being ministered to.

Kid’s Spring Musical
Please take not that we are NOT conducting a Kid’s Spring Musical but will re-group the Kid’s Choir and hopefully perform the annual Christmas program the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  If you are interested in that leadership, please let me know.

Anchor CM Blog & Facebook
Keep in mind that Anchor CM is also has a blog:  www.anchorchildrensministry.blogspot.com and is also on Facebook as a ‘Fan Page.’  It is a great way to stay connected with various happenings around the church – not just in Children’s Ministry.

Calendar of Event
Pinewood Derby             April 30th
Tea for Two                    May 8th
Happy Time Camp          June 21st – 25th  
VBS                                July 18th – 22nd  
Back to School Bash       September 1st
Trunk or Treat                 October 30th
Christmas Musical           Nov.  28th  
Christmas Day Camp    Dec. 4th  (New Date)

In His Service,
Dean L. Butterfield
Director of Children’s Ministries

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Case For.....

Lee Strobel's popular "The Case For...." series in available for Tweens as well.  This looks like it could be a great resource for parents who are hoping to give their kids some basic principles of doctrine and apologetics (how to share your faith).  I'm especially interested in "Off my Case."  It provides 12 real-life scenarios for kids on how they can defend their belief in Christ when confronted by others.

You can buy the set of 4 or each one individually.  These could also work well for homeschoolers, kids in public schools, Tween discipleship courses, Sunday schools classes, etc.

Have any of you heard about these, used them or read them?  What are your thoughts???

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Faith @ Home

Parents and Church Leaders, this is a GREAT SITE to check out if you are interested in getting for information about how to disciple children in the home.  Mark Holmen was the Senior Pastor at Ventura Missionary Church until he left to pursue full-time missionary work in the Faith @ Home movement.

Again, with details coming shortly, Mark will be coming May 1st and 2nd to present a Faith @ Home workshop.  Saturday the seminar will be for Church leaders (Pastors, Directors, Lay Leaders).  On Sunday evening, from 5-7 PM, Mark and a representative from Focus on the Family will be presenting a workshop for parents of ALL ages who desire to continue, start or ramp up their discipleship of their kids at home.  Children's Ministry and Childcare WILL be provided - they will even get to eat!!!!

What's up with Prayer?

That's the title of our next Family Journey in Faith Take-It Home Event on February 28th during the 10:45 service in the gym at Colonial Woods Missionary Church.  This event will bring 4th & 5th Graders and their parents together to see what it means to be praying daily to God.  We have a couple of speakers lined up to come and inspire both the parents and kids as well as a resource to give to each child who attends.  There is also a possibility that Pastor Phil will come and kick off the morning for us as well.....???

During these Take-It Home events, the kids will separated from their regular Children's Church programming in order to participate.  Children's Ministry still happens for all other ages/grades.  FJIF is a ministry designed to encourage, inspire and equip parents to carry about our Biblical responsibility to disciple our children to be like Christ.  It helps us as parents carry out the Deuteronomy 6 mandate to "Impress [the Commands of God] on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.  Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates."

If you have a 4th or 5th grader, you won't want to miss this special time to connect in worship with your kids.