Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm back...And so is American Idol!

It has truly been a long time since I last posted anything, but things have been absolutely crazy (not to mention I took nearly 2 weeks of vacation). But we are starting a fresh with new, bold topics to talk about. How about.....American Idol!

I absolutely love this show. Last night was the start of its 7th Season with its first round of auditions (taped in the City of Brotherly Love) with two hours of some of the worst auditions yet. I'll be honest, I watch it both because of the good singers AND the bad ones. What is with some people who think they can sing when CLEARLY they cannot! Now, not everyone needs to sing, but if you are going to try out on International Television, shouldn't you have some clue?

So why am I writing about this? Most of the people who have appeared on this show have gone on to become famous musicians, singers and actors; but I'll bet many of them have their "Idol" position reserved for the wrong person. We all have things that, at times, we have placed in front of God - Money, Fame, Prestige, Pride, Possessions. What is your Idol? What do your kids see as the most important thing if your family's life? In Mark 10, Jesus says that the most important thing should should be to love God with everything we have. That goes for our families and kids as well.

So, who or what is your Idol?

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  1. Just to be completely honest here (and get the ball rolling), I have had many idols in my life.

    Mainly, self. So selfish. What makes ME happy, why can't *I* have this or that?? You know the drill.

    Also, what others think of me. I have to be Miss Perfect Wife, Mother, Christian, Pastor's Wife, cook, musician, home school momma, etc.etc.etc.

    Still working on these (among others) every single day.

    So what are your idols (willing to share??)?