Monday, September 14, 2009

Google Search: Why Did I Get Married

If you've come to this site from Google, read below!!!!!!!!! Oh year, everyone else too.

OK, so you see that little Site Meter Stats box down a little bit on the right? That is a little way I can track how many people have visited Anchor CM's blog. It also tells me:
  • Where they live - Port Huron, Toledo, etc.
  • What Internet service provider they are using - Comcast, Verizon, etc.
  • What pages or blog entries they visited
  • what web browser - Internet Explorer, FireFox, etc., and
  • How they came across my website - Linked from another blog, etc.
So get this: the overwhelming reason people visit my site has NOTHING to do with Children's Ministry or Colonial Woods (the church I work in)!!! I get at least 5 visits per day people referred from the Google search: why did I get married. A while back I had a couple of posts talking about those popular films by Tyler Perry using them as a springboard to encourage us to be more vulnerable with our spouse.

Now, I find that interesting because I wonder why people are searching for the answer to that question. Is it because they are looking for information on the movie? Or are they searching for answers to that question for THEMSELVES??? Given our current culture and the rate of divorce in our nation, it wouldn't surprise me that people might just be turning to the Internet to give me a 1 good reason why they should stay married.

Perhaps I am reading more into this that what is necessary, but what if people do happen to stop by this site on their search for answers? What should we tell them? What would you tell them? If I had to give the one answer as to why they should stay married, it is for the reason that you got married to begin with!!!!!!!!!!

You're asking the right question - why did U get married - because the reason you got married should be the SAME reason you STAY married. What is that reason? Depends.....
  • Because I couldn't imagine spending my life without her.
  • Because I came alive when I met her (had to borrow that one, but it's TRUE).
  • Because there is no one on earth like her.
  • Because my Love for her is only bettered by God's Love for me.
What would you say to that person if you knew someone was reading this blog and asking "Why am I married?"


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