Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Potential Conflicts Ahead

On September 8th President Barack Obama is going to be speaking via Satellite and TV to all the kids who attend Public schools (and possibly some private ones will show them as well). Teachers are being encouraged to make this an assignment for their kids including some pre and post work According to this website the President plans on talking about the importance of education and succeeding in school.

I bring it to your attention because unlike any president before this, it seems everyone has a rather strong opinion, one way or another, about President Obama. It seems you either like him...or you don't. As parents, our younger kids will most likely pick up on our beliefs and opinions and convey those as their own. It would not surprise me in the least to hear of classrooms becoming a place for arguing and conflict over the person of the President as there will undoubtedly be differing opinions on his politics.

Parents, if your child's school is going to be showing this speech, perhaps this would be a good opportunity for you to do some pre-work of your own with your kids.
  • Help them to understand how to know what they believe and stand up for it.
  • Teach them to test those beliefs against the Word of God and see if they hold up.
  • Coach them on how to be respectful and loving yet hold onto the Truth.
  • Finally, teach them to pray and ask for God's strength and wisdom is facing any conflict that may come up.
Again, as parents we need to be involved in the education of our kids. Education is not just about learning how to read and write, but it is about defining a set of values and beliefs as to how we should interact with the world. Also known as "A Worldview." Be sure to keep this in mind as we launch into another school year.


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