Thursday, September 3, 2009

I wonder....

I wonder if the video that will be shown to hundreds of thousands of kids next week in our public schools will be anything like this one. It was shown at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington, Utah. As you watch it, ask if you can legitimately with Biblical grounds unwaveringly "Pledge" to everything mentioned in this video:

Some yes, but there are certainly things here I don't agree with. Again, this is only meant to provide information to parents given that MANY of you also do not agree with President Obama's administration and policies. This truly is unprecedented times!



  1. The redeeming value of the video is that it makes an effort to note that the pledges are meant to be individual--they aren't asking you to repeat the pledge, but to make your own.

    It goes down the tank, though, when they morph all the individual people into small pieces of a mosaic that forms, not a map of America or the flag of our country, but an image of some dude. It's as though it's saying that in Obama, we're all united. That's so hilariously nauseating, it's hard to believe someone would do that on purpose.

    I'll pledge allegiance to the funk, but I'm not quite ready to hang my star on the flag of the United States of Obama.

    I wouldn't mind my kid seeing that, though. Kids should be allowed to laugh at stupid things, too.

  2. I pledge to only flush only after a deuce, never after a single.