Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President's Speech - So Any thoughts?

Whether you watched "The Speech" here or somewhere else (or not at all), do you have any thoughts on what the President said? Basically, it seems to have come and gone much like any other thing politicians seem to say.

The President seemed to focus on the broad topic of Personal Responsibility - a topic also well covered in the Bible. Nothing earth shattering or that upsetting in the speech....except I do have one thought.

As believers, we are called to have Christ at the VERY CENTER of our lives. Seemingly everything we do and say should be done with keeping Him there. So, the millions of lost people that saw this video today: Did it help them come any closer to a relationship with their Creator? Did it help the thousands (likely more) Christian kids in public schools grow any deeper in their walk with Christ? See I don't have an issue with the President speaking to the kids in our schools...I think with parental notification and coaching they SHOULD watch the video. What I struggle with is whether or not this helps our kids and families to KNOW God more? (Even if I do not favor his opinoins and policies, his story is one many public school kids can relate to!)

I think it can if the parents step into that process. Human behavior defaults to the sinful and negative side of things. We must be intentional in teaching our kids to see God and take on Biblical values. If we leave things up to "nature," our kids will not come to it on their own. And if we believe that God's Word is sufficient for ALL OF LIFE, then a speech by some guy in a powerful office won't even phase them - one way or another.

But just don't leave it hanging there either. Take this and ANY opportunity to teach your kids about God and His Word to us.


PS - The pic is one of an actual cover off Time Magazine back in 2007. You can read the article online HERE.

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