Monday, March 23, 2009

Why Did I Get Married? Part 2

OK, so there was quite a bit in this movie that I wanted to share, so I thought I would do a second post.

There is also one point in the movie in which one of the wives encourages two of the other wives to call their husbands and face their fears of rejection in order to save their marriages. That got me thinking if I have been vulnerable with my spouse recently. I think sometimes we get used to the normal routine of life and forget to let our spouse know just how we feel about them and what we like about them.

I know I have certainly felt that, at times, I was afraid to be vulnerable with my wife for fear of rejection.  I doubt I am alone in that (at least I hope I'm not, because that would mean I'm a freak).

Parents:  the BEST gift you can give your children is a solid marriage built on THE Rock of Jesus Christ.  Being able to talk about what bothers and hurts you is a step in the right direction.



  1. Good flik but you know I like Tyler Perry! There's a good message in that movie that you have to dig deep to have a solid marriage with Christ at the center!

  2. Forgot to say I love the new blog TWITTER, man I haven't even figured out Facebook and now people are TWITTERING! arghhh Of all the Charlie Brown's in the world I'm THE Charlie Browniest!

  3. Me too, I'm a big fan of Tyler Perry's films. Don't worry, Twitter has a unique in drawing like-minded people together and drawing people to the blog. It's not for everyone.