Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Did I Get Married? Part 1

This is the title of another great Tyler Perry movie that I was able to watch with my wife the other night.  It follows four couples in their current trials in their marriages.  For me, by far the most poignant is one in which the husband is having an affiar on his wife, who happens to be overweight.

One of the neat things that I wanted to point out, is that appearently these couples have a tradition of getting together every year for a week long vacation.  For some it is an opportunity to ask each their spouses "Why did we, or why are we, married?"

That sounds like a great tradition to start!  Of course, we could not take a whole week, but perhaps a extended weekend and go somewhere where no one knows you to communicate the value you see in each other.  I wonder if there is anyone else out there willing to "trade kids" for a few days each year (of course, that means you get the raw end of the deal) so that each couple could spend a few days asking each other "Why did we get married?"


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