Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Are your kids Visual?

A friend ran across this site and I thought it was so cool that I would pass it on to you:  Wordle.net.

It is a way to create a visual representation of any text you want to put it.  The applications for something like this are limitless.  For instance, I just typed in my kids' names and clikced Go - Here is what came up:

(And yes, if you are counting that is 5!)  Now, a little cheating method for you....but don't tell anyone, OK?

If you find the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard, your computer will place a copy of your screen in its temporary memory.  Open up Word, Works, PowerPoint, Publisher or some type of word processing program, then click "Paste."  There is the copy of your Wordle.  You can then crop the Picture to get rid of the stuff around the edges and leave just the picture (like you see above).

God Bless and Enjoy using Wordle.

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