Friday, June 29, 2007

Parents, go ahead and be a little sneaky...

I ran across this site and thought it was a pretty cool site for kids to check out: Agents-In-Motion. It is a great website for kids to get ideas on how to show Christ's Love to those within the 5 concentric circles: Family, Church, Friends, Community, & the World.

Here's a thought on getting your kids to check it out and making them think they found it themselves: You could bring up the link right before letting one of your children on the computer/internet. They would see it and hopefully think it is pretty cool. Before you know it, perhaps they are trying out some of the things listed?!
Coincidently, our VBS theme this year is SonForce Kids and goes great with this website. It will help them get ready for VBS starting July 22 at 6:30 PM (Notice the Countdown clock above?)

Also, the main website it can be found on is called KidMo. They are a DVD church curriculum development company, so it is safe.

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