Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free Book

This is really just a ploy to see who is reading this blog (and I am perfectly OK with that), but I have a free book to whomever first replies from within my own church with a comment that says they want it. Sorry to those from outside, but please keep reading my blog. The book is called "Rock-Solid Kids" by Larry Fowler of AWANA Clubs International. It came out a few years back that is an excellent resource for Christian parents to learn how to instill a Legacy of Faith into their children.

There has since come out a componian called "Rock Solid Teacher" that I do not yet have a copy of. However, if you are interested, you can purchase the book online by clicking HERE!
If this does not get someone to respond, then I must be in real trouble.
God Bless, Dean


  1. The book is MINE!!!

    I just like the competition. Did I win???

  2. What do ya know, there are people reading the blog! Joann, I will bring the book by or you can pick it up when you come to the church next time.


  3. No fair! Dean said I couldn't win, ya know, "immediate family" and all that...*grins*

    I just like winning free stuff!! Whoo-hoo! Way to go, Joann!