Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fathers...Where are you?

We are a country of deadbeat dads! I strongly believe the number 1 place our families are falling apart is because of fathers who do not take up their proper calling to be loving fathers and dads (those two words mean entirely different things).

This article from the National Center for Fathering shows some of the statistics of absent fathers. (Also, The Belmont Foundation is a great resource to tap into.) Why is this the case? Why do fathers have such an impact on their children? Because God designed it to be that way. He chose to set up the family system of a man and a woman from the very beginning (Genesis 2 & 3). It works best that way!

However, this is reality! And more and more of our church's families are not fitting the norm. Some of you reading this blog may be in that boat. Good news! God has a special place in his heart and family for you and your children. There are tons of passages in scripture that clue us into that.

Moreover, there is a place for you here at CW! Divorce Care 4 Kids will be starting up this fall under the direction of Val Ball. If you have kids, and are divorced, then your kids will benefit greatly from it. You can contact Val at val@colonialwoodsmc.com.

Lastly, fathers, use this as a reminder to stay connected to your kids. Do whatever it takes to know what is happening in their lives. Think of how far your Heavenly Father goes to get your attention, you owe it to your own children to do the same.


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