Thursday, June 21, 2007

6 Qualities of a Legacy Family

If you had attended our church services this past weekend, you would have heard a great message from Pastor Phil entitled "Six Qualities of a Legacy Family" that you can check out by clicking HERE! You can also get your own notes to complete by clicking HERE! But here is a brief review.

These six qualities come from a study secular study out of University of Nebraska that you can research further by looking at this Google Search. Here they are:

1. Commitment to the Family

2. Spending Time Together

3. Good Communication

4. Problem Solving Skills in Crisis

5. Express Love and Affection to One Another

6. Religious or Spiritual Faith

Over the coming weeks, we will look at each of these qualities more in depth, but for now ponder this statement: Quality Time Happens IN THE MIDST of Quantity Time. We will come back to these in the near future.

His, Dean

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