Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Race is On for our Kids

I ran across this recording from a website - Visionary Parenting - and needed to share with all of you.  Dr. Rob Rienow is the Family Pastor at Wheaton Bible Church in Wheaton, IL.  It's a little long, but you could listen to it while checking out Facebook, your email or other work.

Here is the description from Dr. Rienow's website:

How effective is your Children's Ministry at supporting parents and helping children discover and grow in Christ?  This message from Rob Rienow was given to the 200 Children's Ministry leaders/volunteers at Wheaton Bible Church. Please consider sharing this message with the Children's team at your church. Listen by clicking below, or download via the podcast link. After listening to the message, view the powerpoint (warning: VERY graphic) that Rob refers to HERE!

Our kids are being sought after HIGHLY by Satan - will we win the fight for the next generation?  Are we being the parents God wants us to be in carrying out our MAIN purpose in our families?  

In Him, Dean

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