Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More design input, please!

OK, so I updated the designs a little bit based on feedback received - and THANKS for that by the way.  Let me know what you think of these.  Thanks everyone!

I think I need to move the box up a little bit...


  1. Love the new Anchor one! As far as the FJIF ones go, I like the orange best but am not sure I like the little swirlies on the sides of the words. I think they need to be more simple in design because they seem too fancy with the other elements. That would honestly be the only thing I'd change. ;-)

  2. I completely agree with Danielle. I think the swirlie is great on the Anchor card (and it needed to be less wordy), but too busy on the FJIF cards.

    I like the blue and orange cards the best and agree with your thought of moving the box. It's also not centered.

    Good stuff! See you Friday!