Monday, January 25, 2010

Graphic Design Thoughts

I'm going to be ordering a few table top displays to use for recruiting and promotional tables, and want to know what you think of these designs.  They need to be simple, but visionary.

Now, admittedly I am NOT a graphic artist, and I can only use Publisher to create these, so they certainly won't meet the standards of you MAC users - so be kind - but offer some input.  I am going to be ordering these designs through Momentum Media who is running a special as part of promoting this newer business to the folks who attend the Orange Conference.

OK, check them out:

I wrestled a while with the background color options, but still don't know if they work.  Thoughts??


  1. I almost think the background colors may be a little too soft. They wouldn't really be something that would necessarily catch my eye. I'm thinking more of an electric blue and orange or something along those lines. Just a though. Otherwise, I like the designs!

  2. I've played with the colors ALOT! I'm gonna plug in some more vibrant colors and see what they look like. Thanks!

  3. We've already discussed this but...cut down on the wording in #1 (Anchoring Kids to Christ ~ Partnering with Families). And I like the other FJIF one you showed me - I wanna see what new colors you pick for that one!
    Luv ya~

  4. Hey Dean. The FJIF logo is cool. I'm definitely a fan of orange or electric blue as well. Something that will turn your head when you see it.