Monday, January 18, 2010

Going A.F.T.'R. More - Equip Notes

If you were unable to attend our monthly Anchor Children's Ministry volunteer Equip Meeting last night - you missed out on a great training.  We have been working through a series called "What's the Big Picture?" - looking at the issue of Discipleship and how we can carry that out in our own lives and in the lives of the kids in our ministry.

I've been taking some of the information from SonLife Discipleship that we have also been using with our Christian Education staff under the direction of Pastor Dwight Weber.  Last evening we looked at the idea of "Going A.F.T.'R. More' in our effort to walk in-step with Christ.  Here are some of the notes:

We studied the purpose of the 'Ministry Training' phase of Jesus' training of the Disciples.

Jesus’ Objective during the Ministry Training Phase was: 
1.  To gather a team of people who were AFT’R more. 
2.  To shape his team by equipping them for peer care and peer share. 

Available – Luke 5:1-3                 

  • Disciples left EVERYTHING to follow Jesus. 
Faithful – Luke 5:4-5 
  • The Disciples did what Jesus asked them to do, even if it didn’t make sense.
Teachable – Luke 5:6-10a
  • The Disciples allowed Jesus to be their teacher / Rabbi.  They recognized their position before Him.
Responsive – Luke 5:10b-11
  • The Disciples followed through in following Him.  They responded to His call.
  • Without a response, this is just a nice, little story. 
We wrapped up by asking ourselves these questions:
  • A - Are you willing to follow Him?
  • F - Is there an area of your life you have not remained faithful?
  • T - Have you let Pride creep into your life somewhere?
  • R - How are you responding to the call of God? 
[And no, the apostrophe doesn't have a meaning!]

So there you go.  Any thoughts or comments????


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