Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yet Another Huge Controversy

NOTE OF CAUTION: If you click on this link, you will delve into another huge controversial issue among Christian families and the church - that of public school education and Christianity.

Dr. Voddie Baucham, who've I mentioned before, makes a strong case about "The Top 5 Reasons Not to Send Your Kids Back to Government Schools." Again, for most people we land on one side or the other of this issue. Meaning, you are either OK with public schools or you are not. Which is why people get so upset about this issue. But, that's not why I bring it up!

I bring it up to help people to start a dialogue about the issue! Since most Christian families send their kids to public schools (85-90% according to the link), the voice NOT being heard is the one choosing to home school or Christian school their kids. As a homeschooling dad myself with my 5 kids, my voice is typically played off as being "radical" (at best) or "asinine" (at worst, and yes that IS an actual word). I'm also curious what my fellow Children's Ministers think about this issue as well.

Have any thoughts?


PS - I've been gone for a couple of weeks moving into a new house and taking a few days off work. So I thought I would come out with a bang!


  1. Comment transferred from Facebook:

    "Ok I AM APPAULED at this article and again being chastized by the "article" that I am not showing forth good stewardship because I chose to send them to public school.??...just an fyi for this kids are A & B students, have been Pres. of the Nat'l Honor society and read 5 grades ahead of I am bragging on their education that I as a parent follow through with...I have many friends who send their kids to public and many friends who are WONDERFUL Christian teachers...there are better way to "state your case" and a gentle way to influence..this article was harsh and offensive!"

  2. This is certainly an issue that has divided fully, committed and loving Christian families. Dr. Baucham is certainly NOT known for his gentleness and mercy when it comes to his opinion on this (and many other) issue(s) either. The issue I struggle with, however, is how many "Christian Parents" do send their kids to public school AND are not involved? The person who left the comment above TRULY is involved in the education of the children (I can vouch for them).

    Whatever parents choose, they should GET INVOLVED in the process!!! The Bible makes it plain that it is OUR job to raise our children (that includes education as far as I can see from God's Word). I choose to have people help me with certain things (my kids attend Sunday School, children's church, Saturday Venue Live, Pioneer Club, VBS, etc.) and if education is one of them, that does not mean I should simply take a back seat. I must stay engaged to make sure kids learn the things I want them to learn and nothing I don't want them to know.