Monday, June 29, 2009

A Caveat To: Yet Another Huge Controversy

After talking with a dear friend (via email), I thought I would add a caveat to the previous post. This article is harsh! There is no question about it. For many of you it is offensive and judgemental. I DO NOT FULLY SUPPORT Dr. Baucham methods and do not necessarily fully support his conclusions, but I do think that homeschooling should be an option considered (via prayer, God's word, seeking the advice of wise believers and being given a genuine peace about the decision) when it comes to educating our children. And not just blown off as too radical to impossible without weighing out the pros and cons.

For some, this is simply not possible (single mothers, families in which both parents must work). For others, parents have chosen to have their families in the public schools to be a light for Christ. [Again, this is all under the assumption that parents are actively engaged in the learning process, which I think we all would agree should be the case.] So let me direct you to a more balanced article when it comes to the options for Christian parents to educate their children.

Pink Sun Drops: Homeschool vs. Private School vs. Public School

This blog entry does a nice job (it is rather long though) at laying out thoughts and questions to consider given where you are and if you are considering a change.

Also, since I put a link to a strong homeschooling article, I'll put on on a strong Public schooling option. This blog entry, in fact the entire blog, is written by a parent who purposefully sends their kids to public school. I have not read these blog entries fully yet, so will not comment on them now, but there are lots of voices out there talking about this.



  1. This is not a sin or salvation issue. There is nothing inherently wrong with any method a parent chooses to educate their children. The problem arises when parents don’t even bother to bring God and His Word into the decision making process. They simply send kids to either Christian or Public school simply b/c that is what’s done. At our Saturday Venue Live service this past week we talked with the kids about following God’s way verses our way (the Wrong Way street sign). We told the story of how David had the chance to kill King Saul in the cave (his way), but chose not to (God’s Way). We also talked about how we should do four things when faced with a decision:
    1) Read what the Bible has to say about it.
    2) Pray about the decision.
    3) Talk to what other WISE Christians have to say.
    4) Do you have a Peace about it?

    If in our parenting decisions we were able to follow those four steps, we would be AMAZING parents. Different parents can come out on different sides of this issue and are given the freedom in Christ to do that, what I would like to see if parents who actually take the time to think about it.

  2. Enjoyed reading these articles and different takes.....

  3. Thanks for linking my post! I have been in such turmoil about these decisions. However, they ended up being SUCH good decisions for various reasons. I don't want anybody else to not choose what they feel is right simply out of fear! I'm glad to see so many people including you have found it to be useful as a resource! I'll try and make a shortened version out of it someday so it's hopefully an easier, and more well used resource.

    Oh and I absolutely love the blog you posted, Raising Christian Kids in Public Schools! I can't wait to blogroll it and use it as a resource as I transfer my children to yet another public school for moving reasons. This time they will be in the same public school as their neighbors. I'm excited for close friends for them and am praying God will create strong, healthy friendships for them!!

  4. Pink~Thanks for stopping by. I wish more people would actually take the time to think about how decisions we make for our kids will affect them both now and in the future.

    I still choose to home school b/c I believe I should be in the business of making fully committed Disciples of Christ, and not of the State (which is what public school is all about, IMHO). But at the very least parents need to ask the question(s).