Thursday, June 11, 2009

The "Real" place of Volunteers

As I am writing up an article today for our monthly Volunteer Legacy Award, I was once again struck with some thoughts...

Volunteers, do you guys know how much we appreciate you?  Any given week, I work with over 70 of you - and I am wondering if you guys FEEL appreciated?  Am I doing enough to let you know of the awesome job I think you guys are doing?

Our legacy award is something we've done for well over a year now, but how many of you can actually name 1 volunteer who has received (not counting yourself or relatives)?  Do you truely feel valued?

I hear and read countless times a month how churches today struggle with finding volunteers, typically in children's ministry since that ministry takes the most people to make it happen.  Our church is no exception, though it seems to be getting better...

I wonder if we elevated the role and impact of volunteers more, if we would actually get more?  If we celebrated them once or twice a year with gifts?  If we sent them a thank you note every once in a while?  If we sent them a gift certificate on their birthday?  If we made these Legacy Awards A BIG DEAL rather than regulate it to a service in which, if we are lukcy, only 40 people show up to, out of 1400!!!

So...if I've never told you before (which I hope I have)....and if I never do it again (which I know I will)......


In Him, Dean

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  1. Maybe take a Sunday away from your typical duties and visit each classroom/area of ministry? I know sometimes people get appointed to an area of ministry and never actually meet the LEADER of that ministry dept. It's happened in my church anyway.