Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pull the Plug

I ran across this article regarding the now famous Gooselin family - AKA Jon & Kate Plus 8. I believe it does at great job at laying out a clear, biblical and appropriate response we should have to this family going through this tragic time.

A quick summary of what he says: Pull the Plug!

TLC, Kate, Zondervan, Churches, Paparazzi....US!!! This family needs to start getting on the mend but that will only happen if Kate can loose the fame she has accepted with being on TV.



  1. Pastor Dean, I could not agree with you more! For the salvation of their marraige and family, I see it as the only logical answer. No matter what contract that they have with TLC or whoever else has thier ties to them, the covanant that they have with God is of the utmost importance. I would say, being on the lawyers and lawsuits, if it meant that my family and marraige would survivie. What greater gift could they give their children? No house, money or fame can replace the love of a family! I have decided that I will no longer watch the show (though for years I have been a fan), instead I will use that time to pray for them.

    I am just saying....

    Jennifer McDonald

  2. I agree with Jennifer. It could be seen awhile ago that Jon was not super-pleased with the public eye all the time. Kate's made it clear by stating that work and the kids are her priority. I pray their eyes will refocus on Him to restore their marriage. TLC hasn't shown any church involvement, wondering if they can help during this time or if they're even attending anymore???

    Renee M