Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Resource: Faith Begins @ Home Devotions

Uh, we go again!!!  The 'D' Word - Devotions!  The next book review in the Faith @ Home series from Mark Holmen is on quite possibly the toughest topic to talk about.  Family Devotions (which we will somewhat define in a bit) is ESSENTIAL to producing Faith filled children; but it is one area that is often the biggest struggle in our families.  So to that end, Mark starts off with an "Attitude Check."

"You don't HAVE to..."
Mark relates a personal story from his teenage years when he did NOT want to go church.  Every Sunday he would ask him mom if he HAD to go to church.  She would typically respond simply by leaving the light on and not saying anything.  Then one day, she responded "You don't have GET to!"  What kind of comeback could he have?  Maybe we need an attitude check - we don't HAVE to do devotions, we GET to do them!

Would you like to know God more?  Would you like to be able to hear God's voice better?  Would you like your kids to spend Eternity in Heaven?  Then remembering who God is and what He has done for you and SHARING THAT WITH YOUR FAMILY is a great way to start!  "Devotions are not about what you do, but about what God has done and is doing all around you."

Family Devotion Myths
So what do family devotions look like?  Well first, here are some myths about FD:

  1. Family devotions are long & boring - they can be a 2 minute "God Moment" or just about anything that points our kids back to Jesus.
  2. We don't have to do family devotions because our kids are involved at church or attend a Christian school.
  3. You have to have all the answers to lead family devotions.  
  4. Family devotions require hours of preparation.  Look for the teachable moments.
  5. You have to be a Biblical scholar or expert to lead family devotions.  This is not something we can "call in the experts" on!  It can only be done by us as the parents.
  6. You have to stop everything else you are doing to do family devotions.  
But what IS family devotions?  They are how you bring Jesus and Christ-like living into you everyday life!  They are about taking the "God Moments" and capitalizing on them.  It's about being Wholly and Holy committed to Jesus and seeking to know the Truth and apply it to our families.

Devotional Tools
"Half the battle is having the right tools."  If you want to win the war for the souls of your children, you have to have the right tools.  So here are a few:
  1. A Personal Relationship with God - You cannot give away what you do not possess yourself!
  2. God's Word - You can also use a concordance, a topical Bible, access to an online version, etc.
  3. Music - Bringing music in your devotional living can be a great way to connect families to God.
  4. Online Messages - Listen to some of the greatest Christian speakers out there by just a click of a button.
  5. Your Eyes and Ears - Again, pay attention for the "God Moments."
  6. Devotional Resources - a simple Google search could list thousands of resources available that will fit your life's schedule.
In the last section, Mark gives 6 Family Devotion outlines that just about anyone can do!  

Convinced yet????  If not, keep this in mind:  What is at stake here?  What is the end product if we do NOT teach our kids about Christ?  Keep in the end in mind!  We want our kids to walk daily with the Lord as they grow up and go out on their own; but that takes US doing the hard work now!


  1. Dean- I didn't know if I am supposed to put a comment here or on facebook, so anyway I will do both. We love having family devotionals, we have ours at dinner time. But another resource would be awesome!! :0 Shelley

  2. Wow go Mark! loving his new book ideas!! cool post!