Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Resource: Faith Begins @ Home Dad

I will be reviewing a series of books by Mark and Maria Holmen from the Faith Begins @ Home Movement.  Here's the first one!

OK Men, it's time for a little 'man-to-man' talk!  Let me ask you a couple of questions:

  • What is the most important thing you want to pass on to your children?
  • What do you think when you hear that your child's faith will be a mirror image of your faith?
  • What are you willing to do so that your, your children and grandchildren will one day enter eternal life in Heaven?
These are just some of the hard hitting questions Mark Holmen address in this new resource:  Faith Begins @ Home Dad.   This book will convict and inspire you to truly change the way you live your life and the priorities you have set up.  I found myself saying, "OUCH!" several times as I read through the first few chapters.  A short read, one that packs a powerful punch, you can finish it likely in just a few hours.  Even for people like me who fall asleep when they read!!!  

Challenge to Our Priorities
Mark lays out a clear challenge to the things dad often prioritize for our kids.  We all want various things for our children, not the least of which is a strong faith in Jesus; but do we act like faith matters?  "Here's the deal, dad:  You can raise your children to be a Cubs fan, a soccer star, an avid hunter, a straight A student or a successful business leader, but if they end up spending eternity in hell, will you be proud of what you did?"  Yup, that one hurt!

Challenge to Obey
Instead of asking WWJD - What would Jesus Do - the real question is WWJHYD - What would Jesus have YOU do?  When someone "gives you the bird" on the expressway, WWJHYD?  When you're on a trip alone in a hotel room, and pornography abounds, WWJHYD?  When you haven't read the Bible in a week but it's opening day of Tiger baseball, WWJHYD?  Men, are we living in obedience to God's Word?  

Challenge to Choose then Commit
"At the end of the day it comes down to a choice.  You have to choose whom you are going to serve. It is an unavoidable choice."  Left alone, children will NOT follow God - it is part of our fallen nature.  As parents, we have to intentionally show our children how to live for God.  No choice is STILL a choice - it's a choice to NOT follow Him.  

We must commit to spending time with Jesus and then passing that story down to our children.  Can we be as committed to our raising Godly children as much as we are committed to our favorite sports team?  Can we be committed to following Jesus even when "times are tough."  

Your Influence
Now the good news!  You still have the chance to turn things around!!!  Men, you have the 2nd most influential position in your child's spiritual development - 2nd only to your wife!  You exert more influence than pastors, sport figures, youth group, youth sponsors, and (believe it or not) well above their friends!  Are you ready to stand and fight for your kids to escape an eternity of fire and pain?  Are you ready to fight for your kids against the powers and schemes of Darkness?  It's time to take a STAND!!!

His, Dean Butterfield


  1. Dean, I liked your review. It was a good reminder of what the most important thing as a dad's is, saved kids. It is easy to get off track with a good life and good kids. I like Mark Holmen. Thanks, Mike Wurmlinger

  2. Hi Dean,
    yeah, that section about our kids being successful in life and winding up in hell go to me too; but it's the blatant, raw truth. What a tragedy to emphasize decoys that are good (soccer, grades, music) and miss out on the greatest thing - eternal life!
    Thanks for the wake up call (again)