Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spiritual vs. Intellectual

So, we are still trying to complete the picture of developing FULLY, committed disciples of Christ of our kids.  Again, be sure to read the previous post on this topic HERE!

There is a big reason why I think so many parents struggle with how to pass on faith to their children - I think it has to do with the old addage "The path of least resistance."  In America and even in the world, we focus on helping kids grow in their intellectual ability - we send them to school for 7 -8 hours a day, we take them to music lessons for 1-2 hours per week, etc.  Since kids are wired to grow in ther learning, we have focused on that and spend countless hours and resources on developing that aspect of who they are.  AND THESE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT!!!  It is part of developing the full picture of what we want our kids to become.

But is too much of our time taken up by these things?  I wonder if we focus on that aspect of our child's being, as compared to the spiritual aspect of things, SO THAT one day they can intellectually understand spiritual concepts?  "I'll just wait until they can understand what I'm talking about..."  I wonder if we are just wanting to train our children in the Faith until we can "reason" with them because it is easier to do it that way???  

I recently even saw a title of a book called "The Smart Stepmom" written by a Christian wife and mom.  Since this topic has been on my mind, I could not help but think, "Why choose that title for the book?  Why not 'The Godly Stepmom' or 'The Discipled Stepmom'?"

Still going on this one...

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  1. Perhaps the title the Smart Stepmom might draw an unsaved crowd and then the gospel is intertwined in the books contents!? just a thought...don't know much about the book!?