Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Complete Picture

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I've been working on this concept of making FULLY, committed disciples of Christ and how that intersects with the different aspects of our being - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  If you have not read my previous thoughts on that, do that first HERE.  

Kids and all humans are wired to want to grow!  As soon as kids start to grow physically we start calling them big boys or big girls.  We want kids to grow in their emotional health as well; for instance we buy a pet that some day we know will die so we can help kids know how to deal with death.  Intellectually we are especially wired to grow.  Infants start to crawl and 'rock' in order to reach (and eat) their favorite toy.  We are also wired to grow spiritually, but God's Word teaches us that we are wired to grow in a negative direction - Sin!

Where is this coming from?  I was recently reading a book by Dr. Tim Kimmel by Grace-Based Parenting.  In one chapter he mentions the need to develop our children in a complete capacity:  physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  However, he spends just as much time on the P, E, and I aspect that he does the Spiritual, if not more!

If we want our kids to make Christ the center of our lives, we need to spend far more time on the Spiritual aspect of who they are than on any other.  It should take precedence over everything else!  This can be stated another way:  If you put God first, everything else seems to fall into place.   While that phrase is a little crude, there is a great deal of truth in it.

So, while there is more to come on this topic, what do you think?  Am I off base on this?

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  1. I'd love to see how families would "make this happen" in their particular families?! In our society, we are big into academics & sports, we do lots to make sure our kids have good self-esteem, etc.....but besides Sunday School and praying before meals/bedtime....how are we *really* making this a priority in our kids' lives??

    I think in today's culture, Christians really have to talk about this, and put effort into making this happen. The world around us is already making sure the kids are "growing" in these other areas, but the spiritual? That's gonna take the parents making the time and effort.

    In my situation: am I taking the same time & effort in my kid's spiritual formation as I am in their schooling? I spend a lot of time picking out curriculum, figuring out what works for each kid, what works for our family, etc. It takes effort. Am I putting the same effort in their spiritual life? How much time do I devote to making sure my children understand grace and faith??

    For another family, it might be sports. They may spend a great deal of time transporting kids back-n-forth, making sure they attend practices, cutting out other things for sports. Yet are those same kids putting that much effort and time and *LOVE* into their spiritual life - into their relationship with Jesus?

    It's not "normal" in our society, that's for sure.
    I look forward to seeing what other people think about this.

    p.s. sorry honey, you probably wanted people other than your wife commenting....you already know what I believe ;);)