Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Priorities VS. Time

I ran across this story today of J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter Series, is suing a man from Michigan over a fan-based site call the Harry Potter Lexicon. The details of the suit, the issue of copyright infringement, are not important; but I want to highlight something about the initial creator of the website, Steven Vander Ark. If you have not already, take a look at the is extremely detailed. It is also cross-referenced upon itself as a sort of a "back-up" to what they are saying. There are summary to each chapter to each book, atlases, encyclopedias of magic spells, potions and characters from the magical world, and it goes on and on...

I wonder how in the world Mr. Vander Ark found the time to write all this - the staff section states "He started the Lexicon back in 2000 as a tiny little website with a few lists on it. He's the one who created the graphics and most of the writing on the 700+ pages of the current Lexicon is his." Mr. Vander Ark used to be a Christian school librarian when he became enamored with the books. He claims, also, to have read each of the books 30-40 times! He certainly knows what he is talking about.

Now some of you may have a problem with the Harry Potter books all around, others do not - I am not here to debate that. But imagine if this man would have put the same amount of time into studying, researching, cross-referencing and creating a lexicon for the word of God (assuming he was a Christian while working at the christian school).

Moreover, where is OUR passion for the word of God? I know it is often times a straggle for me to find 10 minutes in the Word, let alone spend hours (like I do on the Internet each day) reading and researching God's Word. Do I have my priorities straight? What about the time I spend with my kids, 3rd on my list of importance in my life (behind God and my wife), as compared to how much I watch TV?

Thoughts to chew on...


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