Thursday, April 10, 2008

Case in Point!

If you read my last post about the disconnect between stated belief and actions, I have a case in point for you. Last night, April 9th, the biggest show on TV "American Idol" closed their special (Idol Gives Back) with Darlene Zschech's song "Shout to the Lord." It was a great redition of it. I even thought, "Wow, the great praise song sung on national television! Way to go!" (BTW, they also changed the first phrase from "My Jesus, My Savior" to "My Shepherd, My Savior").

But immediatly following the performance, actor Ben Stiller (Night at the Museum, Meet the Parents) came out to an empty theatre pretending he was late to the show. During the final 30 seconds of the show, he uses the F-word FOUR times; albeit with the necessary but still getting the point "bleeping" at each one. You can watch the clip at YouTube HERE.

In absolute poor taste and judgement, the producers of American Idol simply don't get it - there is a disconnect. However, with that said, at least they allowed the opportunity for God to shine. If perhaps one person was watching that is riding the fence, maybe it will prompt them to come back to God. One can only hope and pray.

His, Dean

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