Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Announcements, etc.

There is a lot going on over the weekend and into next week, so I thought I would give you a brief update...

1) Our Children's Spring Musical is this Sunday evening, April 27th, at 6 PM in the church sanctuary. My wife, Lori, is the music director along with Annie Aschauer as the drama director. "Livin' Inside Out" is about kids learning to live out their lives for Jesus and being the same on the inside as they are on the outside.

2) I will then be gone from Monday until Thursday afternoon attending "The Orange Conference" in Atlanta, GA. This Children's Ministry Conference is something I am excited about attending and hope to implement some of the ideas on Wednesday evening and during children's church (2nd Hour) on Sunday mornings. I posted about it earlier, but you can check out some of the info at
3) A brief thought for the day: What do you think God thinks of you? As a person, as a father or mother, as a husband or wife? Have you ever truely thought about the fact that the God who created the massive planets, stars and solor system know YOU by name? When you look at yourself and see all the ugliness of life, who's voice do you hear: Your own, satan's or God's?
He knows you so well because he has been watching over you since before you were born. He has protected you from things you may never know about. He has gently led you along the path he placed you on. HE LOVES YOU...and He wants to spend time with you. Take comfort in knowing that The Creator of the universe cares for you more than anyone else, EVER!
God Bless, Dean

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