Friday, May 18, 2007


OK, have you seen this commercial yet? How many of you could actually understand what she was saying without looking at the subtitles? I certainly can't! Chances are most of us cannot, but this is in part the generation of kids we are trying to impact. In fact, there are a lot of things they do that we do not understand.

This, in a very real sense, is where our world is headed: quick, simplified communication in order to get the bare minimum points across. It will also become ever more technology based: cell phones, laptops, IM'ing, PDA's, etc. Long gone are the values of "yesteryear" of personal contact and accountability. Our kids are becoming a generation of isolated BF's. (See commercial again).

So what does that mean for us as Children's ministry workers? How can we meet them where they are yet resist this trend of becoming impersonal? Let's do some dialogue about this topic by posting comments. Looking forward to it.


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