Friday, February 25, 2011

A breakthrough I Didn't Know Was Needed

Ever have one of those moments that you didn't see coming at ya?  Tonight was one of those nights for me...

We recently started having intentional Family Worship times as a way to pass on faith to our kids.  Tonight, we used the Family Reading Bible and read through the story of Cain and Abel.  We talked about why Cain's offering wasn't acceptable and why Cain killed his brother.  I noticed my oldest, Isaac, was a little red eyed the entire time - something I attributed to the fact he had gotten into trouble before worship time for talking back.  I even asked him if he was all right...

When I mentioned that Jesus said even if we think hateful things in our head / heart it's the same thing as actually committed the act, Isaac said, "OK, I'm sorry - I have thought that about you.  I hated you."  He was talking to me!!  He told me that he has "wanted me gone" for a little more than two years now.  I did not see that coming - AND IT BROKE MY HEART!!

I gave him a hug, told him I love him - and confessed my own sin.  I had often been angry and shown that to him. While I've never gone off the deep end with my kids, I was most certainly being too hard on my kids.  I had NO idea Isaac thought this of me; moreover, I'm the Children's Pastor and yet one of my own children hated me (at least according to what he told me tonight).

Fathers, it's time to figure out just what our kids think of us!  It is not enough to just discipline our kids, we must show them they are LOVED above all us first.   The good news:  it's never too late!  Fathers, don't go another day without knowing for sure your kids are willing to hear your instruction.  Fast forward 30 years from now: what do you hope your son will say about his relationship with you?  Will he make it a priority?

This is the just the beginning for Isaac and I...

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