Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Finishing Well

Our next Equip meeting is scheduled for this coming Sunday night, March 30th at 6:00 PM. We will be discussing the topic of Finishing Well. Basically, every year there are thousands of Christian pastors, leaders and teachers that end up bowing out of ministry for one reason or another. Most of them we never hear about, but some we do (Ted Haggard, Jim Baker, Jerry Fallwell, etc.). In fact, the Bible is riddled with all kinds of examples of people who do not finish well (Solomon, Samson, Judas, etc.).

So what does that have to do with Children's Ministry. Well, you can come to our Equip meeting on March 30th and find out!

...OK, I'll put it here too...

What kind of Children's Ministry volunteer will you be? Will you bow out because you don't have the energy? Have you been staying connected to the Vine (John 15)? Finishing Well is not about what is done at the end of your life, but is about what you are doing NOW! It is about living a Christ-centered life here and now.

So how do you accomplish that? Check out this article that I will use in my presentation. Of course, it is not that cut and dry, but these are some great insights in starting today to end up finishing well.


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