Friday, October 5, 2007

Notice anything?

These pictures are from a protest in Indonesia and Pakistan on "Al-Quds Day" — Al-Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem. They are protesting the Jewish control of Jerusalem along with the Western support (namely the US) of Israel.

What do you notice in these pictures beside the guns, sign and the model of the Dome of the Rock? These are KIDS! Boys most likely 8-12 years old. Why use them in their protests? Because they are THE MOST INFLUENTIAL people on the planet! Before age 13, their ideas, values and beliefs are still being formed. If you can get this this young, you will have them for life. You can bet those guns are real!

It's been said, apparently by hundreds of people, that "the Church is only one-generation away from extinction." Muslims understand that. Hitler understood it. (Click here for more on Hitler's Youth.) I think Christians are missing it. We are also missing the point that, according to the most correct information I can find, Islam seems to be the fastest growing religion in the world - NOT Christianity. This is likely not only because of converts but due to the number of children Islamic families are having.

We need to be out there influencing children UNDER the ages of 12, and it starts with our own!


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