Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Do you want to know what your kids really think?

Or better yet - do you want to know what other parents are struggling with or thinking about? New Spring Church in Anderson, South Carolina has created a website called ParentsAreClueless.com where kids and parents alike can go and type in their secret and anonymous thoughts. This is in conjunction with a Parenting series they are starting called "The Perfect Kid." Check out the promo video here.

As I read through several of the Bubbles on either side of the page, I was struck with just how deep some hurts can go. I was also struck with how, apparently, parents and kids don't feel like they can talk to each other. Now, I do not have teenagers yet, though my time is coming, but as parents we must take the lead on talking with our parents. If you can find the time, sit down and write out some of your own secret thoughts about you fears, your kids and your spouse then take the step to share them with someone.

What do you have to loose if you do it? What do you have to loose if you don't?


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