Thursday, September 6, 2007

Quality of a Legacy Family - Communication

I know you've seen in done in movies - two people start to like each other and spend a romantic evening together. Next thing you know, something gets misconstrued or misunderstood and then they get mad at each other. It's the kind of scene that makes you want to scream out "Why don't you just communicate?!?!" (Maybe it is just me who wants to do that?)

Next to having a strong faith in Christ Jesus, this is the biggest need in leaving a legacy of faith as well as a legacy of a strong marriage. Parents, it is essential to communicate with each other and with your kids. Let me challenge you do read the book pictured to the right, The Good Listener by James E. Sullivan. It is only about 130 pages long and a very quick read.
However, it is powerful in expressing the importance of listening. It shows how listening is equated with Love, when we do listen a clear message of love and belonging is heard. When we are distracted and do not clearly listen, a message of apathy is received. None of us are perfect (if you are, I would love to talk with ya), but we need to strive to listen with nothing else distracting us.
His, Dean

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