Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Case For.....

Lee Strobel's popular "The Case For...." series in available for Tweens as well.  This looks like it could be a great resource for parents who are hoping to give their kids some basic principles of doctrine and apologetics (how to share your faith).  I'm especially interested in "Off my Case."  It provides 12 real-life scenarios for kids on how they can defend their belief in Christ when confronted by others.

You can buy the set of 4 or each one individually.  These could also work well for homeschoolers, kids in public schools, Tween discipleship courses, Sunday schools classes, etc.

Have any of you heard about these, used them or read them?  What are your thoughts???

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  1. I read the original The Case for Christ. Has some great information that doesn't necessarily require faith in Christ to accept as evidence for His Lordship, and certainly not for His historical significance.

    I think it's important for Christians to realize that we don't have to "convince" people, or "close the deal". We are to share our faith and the Holy Spirit will do the convincing and calling of their souls into a life with Christ.