Friday, October 16, 2009

Can God Change our Schools?

Let's be honest - it is HARD to find God in our public school system.  With groups like the ACLU, National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers - God has a lot of competition!  But, the one thing that liberal school boards (and not ALL are liberal) and these groups can't do is limit the power of God in His people!  Take a look at this video, that a Facebook friend referred to me:

God CAN and WILL use us if we seek to walk like Jesus in every aspect of our lives!  God can change students, teachers, administrators, school and districts if we seek to make Him 1st in our lives!  Will U B the 1 to answer the call?


  1. That's fantastic.
    As a church, we currently run two after school programs in our public school district - each one drawing more than 100 kids each week.
    We're launching a club on a third campus on 10/28.
    This video is going to be a powerful recruiting tool as we continue to build our ministry teams.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for visiting AP! What a great ministry into the public schools. Next year, hopefully, we will be hiring a 2nd CM person at our church (part time likely) and would love to start expanding to unchurched kids "on their turf."

    God Bless brother!