Friday, August 21, 2009

Should Christians Support THIS Health Reform?

A lot of dialogue, some louder than others, is taking place on the issue of Health Care reform given how the current political administration is striving to make it happen. So, perhaps you've asked yourself if we, as Christians, should support it. Well, I began to look around what other believers were saying and I ran across this site. I began to listen to the Teleconference call from supposed Christians and believers of other faiths that took place in showing "Unified support of the faith community" for this health care reform bill.

Take a listen for yourself, if you can stand it:

I've got several thoughts on this issue:
  • If these are the folks speaking for the rest of us, then I do not wish to be part of this so-called Unified Faith Community. They claim the people talking show just how unified we are on this issue, when clearly we ARE NOT!
  • It's not a far jump to understand that government run health care will provide coverage for abortions, since it is currently LEGAL in the US. Of course, they already provide our tax money to Planned Parenthood - which encourage abortion as a viable option of dealing with "Un-Planned" pregnancy
I could go on, but there is too much to list; so let me direct you to a another blog entry that has some great information and Biblically-based (I know, a shocker, right?) thoughts on this issue.

Socialized, Universal health care is NOT the answer to the very real issues we have (high costs that continue to increase, insurance companies willy nilly denying coverage, etc.). There are other ways to accomplish it:
  • Increase Medical Co-ops where members share the cost of the needs of each other.
  • Limit the cost of medicine when the research used to create the medicine is funded (in whole or in part) by our tax dollars.
  • Tax credits to families to help them afford health care
  • Expanding Medicare for better or earlier coverage or lowering out of pocket costs for those on Medicare. Doing the same for Medicaid.
There are other options for, what I can see, is a REAL need for Healthcare reform. Universal healthcare is NOT it!


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