Sunday, May 24, 2009

Connect the Dots - Part 3

How can we reach the kids throughout the week? Before we ask that question, perhaps we should again deal with IF we should…

Check out this video:

If left up to only 1 hour a week to instill Godly values and spiritual formation into our kids, it won't happen. If we hope to have kids stay connected to God after they enter and leave high school, parents must take up the mantel of spiritual training their children in the home. As church leaders, we can help reinforce those lessons by being a 2nd voice for Christ as kids encounter the world around them. “Two voices teaching the same truth.”

So…yes we should, assuming we have the goal of making lifelong disciples of Christ out of our kids! So then, how?

Well, with technology (and even some of the “old-fashioned” methods) there are numerous ways for teachers to connect with their kids and their parents throughout the week. You could:

¨ Send an e-card on birthdays or special holidays to their parent’s email.

¨ Send a postcard to the kids when they missed a week or two.

¨ Send a text message to their cell phone (obviously only some kids have these) with any number of potential messages.

¨ Create a monthly email newsletter that you can send to the parents.

¨ Create a fun kid’s website for kids to go to. There is even a curriculum ( that includes access to a password protected website for kids and the teachers to connect with.

¨ Get on Facebook and connect with their parents. Technically, kids under 16 are not allowed to have Facebook profiles, but some do anyway.

There are many more ways to connect the dots from Sunday to Sunday, but I am running out of room on the internet…

What are some thoughts you have on how to connect with the home throughout the week?


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