Thursday, October 23, 2008

One Vote Is All You Get...

You Decide!



  1. What a powerful video. I pray our nation makes the right choice.

  2. Unfortunately we have one nominee who wants Roe v. Wade left just as it is and the other who says he opposes it but so did every Republican President since Ford, and NONE of them did anything about it. My guess is neither will this one.

    I'm still voting for the possibility he will....and because Obama's a communist! LOL

    But even if Roe v. Wade IS overturned, it's just a band-aid on a gaping wound. Moral decay is the real issue and how are you gonna legislate morality?

  3. Of course, it's not entirely up to the president. R vs. W was an overstepping of the boundaries of the Supreme Court and only the Supreme Court or Congress can reverse it. Of course, you must have a president that won't veto the whole thing too.

    Obama is not an outright communist, but a fairly strong socialist. Morality obviously cannot be legislated, and most likely the world governments will only continue to get further and further away of God until the return of Jesus.

    Should be an interesting election and future.