Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Behold the Power!

So, over the last couple of weeks I have been reading in Ephesians to coincide with our Senior Pastor's series "Downpour: Living Life in The Spirit." There is a lot written in Ephesians one could focus on, so let me pick just one...

In the show Heroes, there are average humans living in the world with special powers and abilities. On the outside they look just like regular everyday folks. But each of them, because of a genetic quirk, have some unique ability - one can fly, one can heal herself, one can slow down time and time travel, one can hear the thoughts of those around him, and so on.

The Spirit of the Living God, who raised Jesus from the dead (not to mention Lazaurs, Jarius' daughter and others), is living inside of us. We have access to the power of the living God as the life of Christ, if we have accepted Him into our lives, has been exchanged for our own. While we may never be able to literally fly or hear the secret thoughts of others, I wonder just what could be accomplished if we were to fully abide in Him.

What area of life do you struggle with? Are you happy in your relationship with your spouse and kids? Do you think that Christ has the power to change that within you? The Bible tells us he is ready and willing, we just have to accept it and make the choice.

Him, Dean


  1. You and your Heroes.....

    I bet you could come up with a Biblical lesson from each and every episode.....

    Luv ya, hon~

  2. Yes, I probably could...there are some great parallels. GO HIRO!!!