Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What car do you drive?

OK, so it has been WAY to long since I last wrote anything, so I wanted to come back with something simple to ease back into it. So my question is this: What kind of car do you own/drive? My family currently only has 1 vehicle, a Ford Windstar - providing you don't count the riding lawn mower I give my kids a ride on after I mow the lawn.

I saw an article that said the minivan is slowly dying because of rising prices on food and gas (among other things). Also, with four kids who have to be in car/booster seats until they turn 8, if we have one more child we may get into trouble (our minivan seats only 7). I have been considering options of what to do when the time comes to purchase our next vehicle: 8 passenger SUV, 12-Passenger Van, or do I fork out a bunch of money and get my dream vehicle: The Dodge Sprinter? (I just threw in this picture because the Buckeyes Rule!

So parents, have you had to make these kind of tough decisions recently? Living in this society is tough because of the amount of money it takes to keep afloat. Feel free to express yourself by leaving a comment or two.



  1. Ok, love, love, LOVE the Sprinter!! But this *particular* Sprinter.....??? Um, honey, we don't have to have an Ohio State *vehicle*, do we??? We do live in Michigan. Remember??

    Luv ya, Lori

  2. Don't worry dad, she didn't REALLY mean that. :)

    I guess a blue, black or white one would be just fine too.