Friday, June 6, 2008

Close Call!

Not sure if you saw this news story or not, but a man was hit by a car without anybody coming to his aid for nearly 50 seconds. [I won't put the video here, but you can check it out on YouTube.] It appears as though two cars were racing or something, as two of them were across the yellow lines when they hit him. Luckily several people had made phone calls to 911 as a police officer showed up one minute after the hit occurred.

Also, I was returning to work after lunch break and observed a near accident between a car and a bicyclist. But the reaction this time was very different!

The young man in the car pulled into one of the church's driveways, got out of the car and APOLOGIZED to the guy on the bike! What a mature and responsible person. It is not very often that you see someone go out of their way to own up to their mistakes. Though I do now know for sure, I wonder if that young man is a Christian?

I would like to think that Jesus followers would act like that when they nearly seriously hurt someone. But I know I have hurt people emotionally and never have asked thier forgiveness. Is there a difference? I don't mean to be hard on myself, but how hard is it for us own up to our mistakes


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