Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Struggling Families

Everywhere we turn today we see messages of economic and moral struggles within our community and families. Every day I hear of a family struggling with crisis. Marriages in turmoil, families in danger of loosing their home, kids being molested by extended family members, church families at odds with each other - and those are just from this week!

I'll bet it breaks the Heart of God to see His creation in such trouble and turmoil. This was not the way He intended for things to be. He created a world that was supposed to be perfect and without these issues...but humanity's flesh and Satan had different ideas.

But while some may seen pure devestation, Paul saw the opportunity for God to be glorified (Romans 4:20-21). I know that during some of my darkest moments, I came out of those KNOWING that I was closer to God than I had ever been. It certainly does not feel like it, but when the shadows are the darkest is when the 'Son' is shining the brightest! So if this is you or your family right now - trust that God is watching during this "valley of the shadow of death."

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