Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let It Out

As I sat through my classes last week at Bethel (http://www.bethel.edu/) we were learning about the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Just what does He do? What is His purpose? We discussed the important of living in community (koinonia) and that the Christian life should not be lived in isolation. It is designed, the the unity of the Holy Spirit, to be lived in community with one another. Then I saw this commercial:

When was the last time you laughed so hard you were in pain? When was the last time you cried uncontrollably? Though I cannot remember when I cried the last time, I can remember when I laughed that hard. (Earlier this year at a play called Triple Espresso in Minneapolis, MN. (http://www.tripleespresso.com/) A night I will never forget!

If these people will show this kind of feeling and pain to a stranger simply because he is willing to listen, what should we do?

That is just a quick glimpse of what we should be TO one another. Someone to talk to, cry or laugh with, and love at all costs. I don't think we get that in this culture of the West. Our lives are broken up and separated from each other. Jesus calls us to be a vine branches (John 15), which exist only by intertwining and supporting each other.

A few things to think about.

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