Tuesday, April 3, 2007

And the winner is...

Have you ever won anything? Have you ever won anything big? Lately, I have entered into contests such as HGTV's Dream Home Giveaway, Bass ProShops boat giveaway, a camper give away, Orange County Choppers giveaway. Hey...you never know unless you try. Now granted I don't enter contests or lotteries that cost money, but wouldn't it be great if...

Problem is there is often a catch. Any prize you win you still have to pay sales tax on it, as if you bought it. Also, in most contests they have a rule that you agree not to sell it for at least one year. Good thing is, the "price" is outweighed by the "prize."

Believe it or not, ministry is the same way. Think about it...the price you pay in time, energy, stress, frustration SHOULD BE outweighed by the reward you receive: making an eternal difference in the lives of kids and families (including your own)! Before you do anything else, take a look at Matthew 20:1-16.

Seriously, have you click it it yet? Now, notice a couple of things:
  1. The landowner (God) is the one who goes out and gets the workers: EACH TIME! It is His Vineyard! He is in charge of this ministry. As issues come up, they are His to deal with.

  2. The fact that the workers are indeed being paid for their work. They are paid when the work is done. As "workers for the Kingdom," you too are getting paid, but you may not receive that payment until the work is done: when you reach Heaven.

So...have you felt frustrated recently? Feel like your working with no payoff? Feel like you are doing all the work? You are not alone! We are in this thing together. These kids need ALL of us, THE ENTIRE CHURCH! Let's spread the word.

To that end: Fellow workers, it is no secret that we are short on volunteers We have seen a recent explosion is the number of kids participating, especially on Sunday mornings. It is a great problem to have, but it is still a problem that needs to be addressed. WE NEED WORKERS IN THE FIELDS? Take a few moments and consider who God may have you contact this week to ask to be involved in Children's Ministry. Next step....go ahead and ask them! Then give me their name and number to follow up.

Blessings, Dean

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